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Centrepin Reels For Carp Fishing

'Old Fashioned' Is The Future! ... Full story

What is a Big Pit or Distance carp reel?

Carp reels termed Big Pit or Distance reels are those designed for carp fishing at extreme distances. Big Pit reels started life as sea fishing ... Full story

What is a Baitrunner or Freespool Carp Reel?

A free spool, or ‘Baitrunner’, carp reel is a reel which features a secondary drag system which can be switched on or off. With the ... Full story

How To Buy A Second Hand Carp Reel

Let’s face it, top of the range carp reels don’t come cheap, but there are ways to save yourself a good few quid when kitting ... Full story

How To Choose The Right Carp Reel

A visit to the tackle shop can be a quite daunting experience nowadays, it seems you can’t move for revolutionary new products all claiming they ... Full story

History of the Carp Reel

The modern carp fishing reel can be traced back to some of the more popular fixed fixed-spool reels of the 1960s. Prior to this, pioneering ... Full story

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